How I Had S8x With My Own Brother Without Knowing But Enjoyed It; Full Confession

I seriously don’t know how to said this, and honestly, I use disposable email as I’m utterly embarrased and disgusted of myself this time. I never can really accept the reality that it was me who start it, and now I’m disgusted of myself.

I’m a girl, 22 years old, and I’m living with my twin brother without anyone else, our parents live in another province, and I live with my brother because we attend university and now work together at the same city.


Previously, it’s a normal living for us, we are pretty close to each others, and he, yes, he, never consider I much more than just a sister to him before. He did cares much for me, since he got job earlier, and actually he paid a lot for my living when I was unemployed, and he never ask for me to repay it. He’s really too kind for a brother.


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