‘How I Slept With 30 Men Daily To Fend For My Children & my Drunk Husband’ – Prostitute Narrates Ugly Ordeal

If evil could be adequately defined in a story, Asatu’s would perhaps be a candidate. A background stooped in satanic secrecy opened the gateway for wickedness of unimaginable proportions to work through and to her.


Initiated at a tender age into a cult thriving on the belief in animal superiority, Asatu’s private parts were marked for destruction in a sick ritual. Her parents premature death led her to seek spiritual help in darker places that only ended up entangling her deeper in bondage.

An attempt at marriage ended abysmally as the relationship that spawned two young children ended with her being thrown onto the streets. Desperate and smarting with anger, Asatu succombed to the lure of ‘greener pastures’ abroad, following a strange lady to Nigeria. CONTINUE READING ON PAGE 2 BELOW


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