How night watchies are making thousands from prostitutes and their clients

When Alex Milimo got his job as a night guard in October last year, he saw it as some sort of punishment. Little did he know fate was preparing him for unfamiliar night duties with handsome rewards to boot.

Ever since he joined a security firm in Nairobi three years ago, Milimo has been on day shift. So, in October last year, his boss called and informed him there was a reshuffle and was being deployed to night duty.

“This was a surprise to me because l have never worked at night. At first, I wondered what mistake l had done to deserve cold nights away from my wife,” he recalls.

At some point, he thought of quitting and getting a daytime job elsewhere. But, something urged him to try, as he looked forward to the day he would resume day shift.

That first night was tough as he kept dozing. He got a reprieve when a colleague next door allowed him to sleep as he watched over the electronics shop along Kenyatta Avenue for him. That night he slept as if he were in his own house.

With time, Milimo started adjusting and getting on with nightlife. Initially, he was stunned how fellow ‘soldiers’ related well with commercial sex workers like brothers and sisters.

It was not long before he too was initiated in offering these ‘twilight services’. He heartily reveals, “Watchmen know hundreds of secrets of these twilight girls and their night lovers too.”

He explains that at first, some sex workers resisted him since he was new. But his colleagues talked and assured them he was a nice guy and would take care of their interests. And, with that, Milimo was initiated fully into the night life.

It so happens that Milimo has a bigger cubicle where he sits at night while keeping vigil of the electronics shop. It is this room that he’s turned into a cash cow. He discloses that at night the room is used for changing and storage of clothes, condoms, water for cleaning and beauty paraphernalia for sex workers.

He explains, “You see when they come to town, they wear smart and normal clothes like anyone else. But once in town, they have to change into other, more suggestive, clothes that suit the nightlife.”


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