‘I Can Now Even Afford To Keep Him As My B!TCH!’ Former TV Presenter Blasts Ex-Lover In Savage Post

They say relationships are a two-way traffic and I agree with that. But at times, some of us suffer in the hands of our loved ones just because we want to keep our relationships on going. Some are even battered and emotionally abused but just because you love him, you cannot break it off. You stay in the horrible situation because you are ‘dickmatized’!

Elizabeth Irungu

If he can’t respect you, please pack and go. Do not stay in an unhealthy relationship thinking he will change. A monkey will always be a monkey even if it is taken to a different forest. Well, former KBC presenter Elizabeth Irungu who is never afraid of speaking her mind and offering a piece of advice to her fellow women, has once again come out to narrate about her past relationship that turned ugly after dating a Kenyan man for two years.

The ‘broke nigga’ (as she has referred to him) dumped her after two years now and Elizabeth Irungu has decided to blast him. As usual, she didn’t mince her words. She went in on him like a precise sniper for hire. Here is Elizabeth Irungu’s long post about her ex-lover



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