“I Don’t Do Sponsors, I Am Not Huddah” Victoria Kimani Drops Major Shade At Huddah Monroe (Audio)

In her debut Swahili song which is sure set to be  big hit, the Chocolate City signed singer drops a couple of lines one which insinuates Huddah hits on to older men for money the so called ‘sponsors’.

Victoria Kimani just threw a major shade on Huddah Monroe.

On top of exhilarating and funky beats, Victoria “Kimani opens with the following lines ujue Natoka Mbali, Victoria Kimani nani, Wanajua Mi Ni Nani..Sihanyi Mabuda, Mimi sio Huddah…”

It may have been a simple case of artists freedom but it sure will strike home and Huddah, being the prima donna she is will sure have a response.



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