JACKLINE MWENDE’S LIES EXPOSED: MWENDE’s relatives expose her badly, here is the shocking twist of what really happened…SHAME ON HER!!!! GOD WILL PUNISH HER MORE!!!

Jackline Mwende, the 27 year old woman from Machakos who has been on our headlines after she claimed that her husband, Stephen Ngila, cut off her arms for being barren, may be taking us for fools.

According to two of her close relatives who spoke to a local daily, Mwende may have been attacked by other people and not her husband. The sister to Mwende’s husband, Agnes Nthenge, said that she was with him planning a family event when news broke out that his wife had been attacked
“All I can say is we were with Ngila in my house planning a function for our elder brother when he was called and told that his wife had been attacked,”

Agnes said. Agnes is surprised that her brother was arrested when he went to visit his wife in hospital and..



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