Kenya: Baby born in Bungoma without a nose,! PleasePray For The Little Angel

A woman from Chepkarai village in Mount Elgon area, Bungoma county is still reeling from shock after she gave birth to a baby with surprising abnormal features days ago.

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Phylis Kisamageti’s infant, born on July 18, 2016 has no nose and is left to breathe through the mouth.

The child also has only two fingers, one on each hand, instead of the normal ten.

Again, the newborn has both male and female genitalia.

All these unusual human features have left locals confused and surprised, as they have never seen such before.

“I had a normal pregnancy like many other women, but after delivering the baby, I was shocked to see its unusual features,” said the mother in a K24 report.

She added that doctors told her a corrective surgery can be done to give the baby a nose and ensure normal breathing, but she says it is too expensive for her family to afford.

The newborn’s grandmother Lenah Ndiwa said they hope a well-wisher with come forward to assist the family.

“When I heard my daughter had given birth, I came to see the baby, only to find that its features are abnormal. I leave it to God, I know He will help the baby,”said Ndiwa.



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