Man Dresses Himself Up, Pretends To Be A Female Prostitute

A Mumias’ man, allegedly a male prostitute, was arrested by the police for disguising himself as a female prostitute.

The arrest was somewhat a rescue for the man posing as a woman as irked residents had wanted to lynch him for his actions.

The man who claim his name is ‘Grace’ is believed to be a member of a hoodlums who rob customers after they are lured into a hotel room with the ‘prostitutes.’

Residents say the man deceived a customer at a local bar before he was noticed. The customer reportedly got so into ‘Grace’ and then booked a hotel room. However, to his utter surprise ‘Grace’ was not the slinky woman he had met at the bar, but a man.

A witness said the man looked exactly like a woman and even had the walking style, mannerism and carriage of a woman.


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