Man suffers third degree burns after iPhone ‘explodes’ in his back pocket WARNING: This post contains graphic images.

A mountain biker has described the horrific moment his iPhone 6 “exploded” in the back pocket of his shorts, leaving him in need of skin graft surgery.

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Gareth Clear (36), originally from Hampshire, England, but based in Australia, was cycling on one of his regular routes on Sunday afternoon when he fell from his bike.

Although it was only a minor fall in which he received a few small grazes, he noticed a plume of smoke rising from his back pocket as he stood up.

He said he suddenly felt a “searing pain” and extreme heat as the phone melted the fabric of his shorts and burned through two layers of skin on his upper thigh.


In his desperate attempts to remove the melting shorts and exploded phone, Mr Clear burned his fingers, and had to use his fist to dislodge the phone from his burning skin.

“I was on my own, writhing on the ground in agony,” he told the Daily Mail.

He added that there was still plenty of smoke coming from the phone, and he waited 20 minutes for it to cool down before walking back to the nearest town.

The management consultant’s burns were so severe that he was transferred to a specialist burns unit, where he received a skin graft.

He said he must spend the next six days in the hospital as the charred flesh is removed and healthy skin grows in its place.

Mr Clear posted about the incident on Twitter and received a response from Apple, who said they will look into the issue.


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