Men!! 7 Signs That Shows A Woman Wants You, And Wants You Badly

ave you ever been an a date with a woman, or just simply hanging out with her and you cannot seem to figure out whether or not she is into you? Well, there are usually a few subtle signs that would make things a little bit clearer. presents some of these signs below.

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1. Smiles:

A woman who likes what she sees will certainly let you know. Smiling is one of the most important signs of approval. She would let you know she enjoys your company by smiling at you every now and then.

2. Leans Towards You:

Another obvious sign of interest is when a person leans towards you during conversation. This is a sign that we often cannot help. Your body language will automatically be directed at something you are interested in, and this is very difficult to fake. So, when she looks like she is leaning into you, then you know you’ve got her attention. Continue on page 2 Below 


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