MEN ARE JUST BUT….LITTLE Girls Who Have S8x With Older Men To Pay For Their School Fees And Survival In Nairobi! This Is Way Too Sad

A new study has revealed that girls as young as 14 are having s8x in Nairobi. With many parents embarrassed to talk to their children about s8x, the girls get their s8x-related information – often misinformation – from their peers. While getting pregnant is their biggest worry, men who have s8x with minors see them as “fresh ground” and don’t use protection because of the belief that all young girls are infection-free. The same study revealed that 19 per cent of girls below age 18 engage in pr0st!tution.


It is a sure sign of a dysfunctional society when girls as young as 14 are freely experimenting with s8

The results of a study carried out among girls aged 10 -19 in six residential areas in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, makes for some very uncomfortable reading.

The average age of a girl’s first penetrative s8xual experience was 14, while the most s8xually-active age group among girls was between 18 and 19, many of whom subsequently found themselves with unwanted and mistimed pregnancies.

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