MEN: Here are the 8 Places a MAN Must Never TOUCH On A WOMAN’s BODY (A MUST READ)

Avoid n!’pple pinching when we’re breastfeeding or about to have our p3’ri0ds. It just hurts … in a bad way.


Sometimes I get tired of hearing myself say don’t t0’uch! I am sure my husband gets annoyed, too, since it’s him who is doing the t0’uching. It’s not that I don’t like his t0’uch, you see, I really do l0’ve it to the millionth degree, but there are times when he t0’uches me in a place during a certain time that makes me want to scream

Of course I don’t scream for fear of waking up our kids who have recently decided to go on a sleep strike leaving us to rarely get any t0’uchy feely time in anyway so I should really take it when I can get it. But I’m trying to make the best out of every t0’uchy feely moment — trying to make the best of this moment for everyone. So here’s my list on the places a man should never t0’uch on a woman’s b0’dy along with the worst times to do it. Because I’m not saying these places should never be t0’uched, I’m saying they shouldn’t be t0’uched in certain scenarios. Men, you need to be astute. I know, it’s hard sometimes. But here’s help.



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