Men Only!! Here Are 11 Things Women Say That Men Misunderstand, Know What She Means When She Talks

You have probably tried learning different languages at different times but those are nothing compared to a woman’s language. Women can be complex at times. They say one thing while they actually mean something else. There’s no point kidding yourself that you will one day understand a woman’s complexity. The thing is women and men are very different and both genders are guilty of misinterpreting each other’s words and actions. This is because we speak two separate languages. Men are straight forward, they say what they mean. A woman on the other hand likes to beat around the bush and she expects you to read her mind. For the men out there who can’t understand anything their women are saying to them, we explain to you what they really mean, though not all the time.

lawyer woman

1 Fine:

A lot of women use this word to end an argument when they don’t want to talk about it anymore. When a woman says, she could really be saying just shut up. Also, sometimes when a woman says I’m fine, she often is far from ok. What she really means is I’m not ok but I don’t want to talk about it. She could also mean, “I’m still too upset to talk about the issue.

2. Whatever:

This is like ‘fine’ except that it is significantly worse. Most times, this spells trouble. Continue on page 2 Below 


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