My boss wants to sleep with me ‘or else’…

I was working an administrator but have now been allocated extra responsibilities following my appointment as a programmes officer in a local NGO.


My new role involves a lot of travel outside town many times with my boss. He has already made it clear that he fixed this so he can get opportunities away from the office. This culture is rampant in our organisation and the ladies who refuse to play ball are slowly put out of work. I am worried that if I reject his advances there may be consequences. My husband suspects as much and is also somehow insecure about the whole thing. I am caught up in this situation and don’t know what to do. I want to keep my job but I know it will be difficult if I stand my ground. Even my colleagues are worried about me. {Terry}

Your Take:

I was in a similar situation, but I did not do anything about it. I was 22 then but looking back, I wish I told on him because I understand he does this to all the girls who come in for internship.

I think I encouraged him by laughing at his crude jokes and never really told him no but now I realize that by keeping quiet and encouraging him, I only deepened the problem for other girls. I wish I spoke out, and hope you will.

{Lillian Mose}

Report this man to the management. Even if they don’t do anything about it, you will have done your part. However, wait until he makes actual advances so you can have evidence otherwise, he can deny all allegations then leave you looking stupid.

Also, start looking for another job because men are not comfortable working with women who turn them down.

{Stella Kerubo}


It is better to keep your marriage than to keep your job and live a life of regret in future. Say a big NO to your amorous boss and if you are sacked because of your stand and faith in your husband, the better. The God gave you this job can give you another one.

{Pastor Ben Shikuku}

You seem to know well what you want and this is what matters most. Your family ought to come first. Handle this carefully. It’s better to be jobless. You could contract a disease from him, then what? His advances are only persistent because you are welcoming them



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