My Mum made me Practice Lesbianism – 24 year old Patience Addo tells her story

Patience Addo, a twenty-four (24) year old lady in Kade, in the Eastern Region of Ghana, has narrated her story on why she got herself into lesbianism.

Patience, who has now regretted finding herself in that practice narrating her story during an interview recounted her journey in lesbianism, saying she began it at the age of seventeen (17). “I have lived with my mum all these years, simply because I never had anyone I will call my father or dad. My mother is a very good and strong Christian and because of that, she wanted me to follow her footsteps which I didn’t like. Just because she didn’t allow me to live the kind of lifestyle I want”.


She made sure no guy visits me at home and also ensured that, am always indoors. God listened to my prayers one day, that’s when I gained admissioninto the Senior High School. I became very happy because I saw that to be an opportunity for me to have my freedom. NEXT PAGE BELOW


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