Real life vampire confesses to sucking her boyfriend’s blood and avoiding the sun (Photos)

Geoffrey Matheri ‘Fongo’ shocked many after confessing to the gory murder of Miriam Wairimu on August 29, 2008 at Kihoto area in Naivasha.


He revealed that he had a rapacious appetite for human flesh and blood and would decapitate and eat and also drink blood from his victims. Something which one of his victims Naomi Wanjirurevealed in a Nakuru court after escaping from Matheri’s deadly clutches. The lady said that Matheri raped her, drugged her and drained blood from her body before eating a lady named Esther.

 “He stabbed and drained blood from me into a metallic cup, but I was too weak and helpless. He then proceeded to chew Esther’s flesh and used my blood as his drink. ” she said in a chilling revelation.


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