Team Mafisi on Telegram threaten to leak nudes belonging to Kilimani Mums administrator

Two massive social media groups are engaged in a vicious battle as each seeks to shame the other.

Since its formation Kilimani Mums Facebook Group has held the forte as the biggest and quite influential social media group for women.

On another platform this time Telegram, another group, this time for men Team Mafisi has come up. As the name suggests this is a group for the thirstiest ninjas around.

It has grown in such a small time thanks largely to its seemingly unending source of sleaze. From nudes to sex pictures and videos, there is a lot for the lustful to feed on.

This has mode the group more infamous among women especially those who have ever fallen victim or have a friend who has and had her nudes shared on the platform.

Given the differing ideals of the groups, they have been clashes but none as big as the current one.


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