The Brutal Reality Of Life On Most Kenyan Streets: The Pictures That Reveal The Hardships Of Kenya’s Capital Where Gun Crime Is Life And Young Girls Are Forced To Turn To Prostituti0n!


‘I have lost a lot of people I knew to crime,’ says George Kiru, nursing a drink at 2 in the morning in a bar on the edge of Nairobi’s Korogocho slum

Music blares as he lists childhood friends who joined gangs, many of them now dead or in jail.

‘Personally I always said no to crime,’ says Kiru, who buys and sells second-hand goods and picks up occasional work as a minibus driver to feed his two daughters and send them to school. ‘It never ends well if you choose to become a criminal. Eventually, you will get killed.’

These two men outside a bar in Nairobi are only pretending to fight - but real violence in the city is never far away


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