THIEVES ARE ALWAYS THIEVES!!! Thugs Execute A Daring Daylight Raid On Police Robbing Them Of Their Valuables

Sometimes thugs can go a bit too far. How can you even think of robbing a police station or it’s premises? With all those triggers ready to be fired and you still manage to rob the place. You must be smoking something from Mars or you are too tired to live any more.


Now hear this my good people….a gang of thugs struck the Naivasha police staff quarters and made away with electronic goods from one of the houses in a daring daylight robbery. Two of the suspects were however nabbed a few hours later in the sprawling Kihoto estate where the stolen goods were also recovered.

Also recovered were other goods suspected to have been stolen from different homes around the lakeside town. According to a source, the thugs broke into the house of a senior officer while he was on duty carting away a TV set, radio, iron box and other personal effects.


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