To ladies who use ‘waganga’ numbers to keep off ‘team mafisi’

When I think of the ladies who give men the ‘waganga’ numbers to keep them off, I am not sure whether I should congratulate them or pity them. It’s a classic move though, and it works for most of them.

This trick is mostly used by campus women who are in ‘demand’. ‘Team mafisi’ and ‘sponsors’ have become so common and ladies are finding ways to handle them.


I happened to overhear (not eavesdropping) a conversation in matatu between two young lovely ladies (campus chicks presumably) about how they keep off ‘team mafisi’ by giving them the ‘waganga’ numbers.

“Ehh aki yule Kevo si ananibore… juzi aliniitisha number nikampa ya mganga flani hapo then nikamshow phone yangu imezima anicall later… aki these men watatumaliza.” One of the girls said.

“Ata mimi hudu hivyo… but potential guy akicome around (sponsor) siwezi mpa wrong number”. The other girl said



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