Top 5 hottest Kenyan CLOTHING LINES 2016

As the saying goes ”Naked people have little or No Influence In Society”Over the last decade or so Kenya has been receiving an influx of foreigners setting up companies like Vivo Activewear and Kikoromeo whom inject millions of shillings in the manufacture and design of attire which are based on our culture and ethnicity.Unfortunately,these brands are non pocket-friendly to the majority of the market which results to them being sold only in upmarket environs.Having that our society consists mostly of the youth who are in the ‘middle class’bracket,the fashion industry has taken a shift to favor designers who are not only affordable but also trendy.Here are the top 5 clothing lines which are currently Kenya’s household names.



Vazzi is credited for being the torch bearers by paving way for almost all Kenyan street wear fashion designers.Having entered the market in 2010,a time the industry was polluted by only foreign brands,the company has swam the murky waters to make locally produced clothing join the mainstream fashion market.Known for their tag passion for fashion, their aim has been to provide quality affordable and stylish clothing to urban Kenyans and the world at large.Other successful brands to have been birthed by the company include team kenya  & i am nairobian .Celebrities who have rocked the brand include Tv Presenter Tracy Wanjiru and model Amina Amaru.




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