True Confession: I married my hubby with Juju; now I’m suffering

Some people may hate me after this confession but I want other ladies to learn from my experience. Odia and I started going out while in secondary school, I loved him so much and he loved me too. We both attended different institutions, he read Biochemistry while I studied Economics, he graduated 2 years b4 me and got a job after his NYSC.


I was in my final yr when he proposed marriage to me. I went to visit Odia one Saturday evening when his neighbours told me he had traveled, I called his phones and none went through, I searched every where to know his where about but never succeeded till the day I ran into his closest friend who told me Odia had traveled to UK to further his education.

It was like a dream to me, I cried my eyes out, still tried to at least reach him and find out what it was I did to him but all my efforts proved abortive. When my best friend heard this she promised to help me get my man back…


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