Unbelievable! Old Woman Accused of Being a Witch Burned Alive in Remote Village

An old woman who was thought to a witch, has been subjected to pass through excruciating torture and brutal death.

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An old woman identified as Rosa Villar Jarionca, has been killed in Peru.
The woman accused of being a witch was burned alive on a bonfire in an indigenous community in a remote part of the country’s Amazon rainforest.
This development was revealed by authorities in Peru.
According to The Guardian, prosecutor Hugo Mauricio said members of the Shiringamazu Alto community sentenced 73-year-old Rosa Villar Jarionca to death over claims she made people sick through witchcraft. The alleged burning took place on 20 September, but the area is so remote that word of it did not reach authorities until recently.
Mauricio said a cellphone video……


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