WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT: STEAMY Tales by MOONRAY- How Kilimani Mums Helped Me End My Dry Spel


EXPLICIT CONTENT: Do Not Read If You Are Holier Than Thou

A week ago, I was in a dry spell. For the first time in over 18 months, I had stayed 8 days without s3.x. Yes, to me 7 days + 1 = [ a dry spell ]. That’s when the alarms start ringing and I realize there is something I am doing wrong. For some guys, a dry spell is a whole month without s3.x. For some it’s three months, some even six. But for the sheriff, more than a week without kuma calls for a state of emergency.

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All my options were appearing bleak. I had no intention of going out to the clubs and chipoing someone. Party chicks have become somewhat of a bore to me nowadays. They get pounded by millions of dudes. I am at that point in my life where I prefer quality women. No matter how famous or rich I become, I would prefer banging a Rubadiri or a Brenda Wairimu rather than a Huddah Monroe But sometimes quality women take time to tune. Even if you are a pro-player, it always takes a few days or more to convince one that you are a worthy suitor.

As I was figuring out how to get some quick pussy, I logged on to Kilimani Mums Uncensored with my fake female Facebook account to see the lamentations of the women there. They always have some crazy things to say so I took my time to read through. As I was almost logging out, I saw an interesting post

“Hello fellow single mums, wangapi hapa wako dry spell? Imagine mimi nimekaa five months. I am even thinking of buying a vibrator but I am afraid my little son will find it. He’s so naughty”

Ahaaa. There was my opening. A woman that has been starved of s3.x is always easy to seduce. First I went to her profile to check out her information and pictures. She was 31 and hot ashell, as if born to enchant, enthrall and transfix men. Her name was Rukia, definitely a coasterian. I am always lucky with coastal women. I get a lot of them. I just hoped she was residing in Nairobi


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