How I banged my father’s wife, WHEN HE WAS ABROAD – true story

poor-galWhen a man marries a woman far too younger than his age, it call lead to to the woman having affair with a younger man

My name is James, a third-year student in the university studying Accountancy. My mum had left us, me and my twin sister Joyce with my father due to her untimely death. My mum fell sick and sadly, it claimed her life after fighting for a year and a half over kidney problem.


My dad flew her abroad just to save her but finally, she left us alone in this world. I thought I wasn’t going to survive my mum’s painful and sudden demise because I was too attached to her. When I got admission into the University, I decided to go from home due to the closeness with my mum.

Unfortunately, my twin sister got admitted into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka so we were miles apart. My twins and I were more of best friends than siblings. We shared our secrets and never hid anything from each other.



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