Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People And Not Others

Everyone who has ever been camping or walking in the wild with friends can’t have failed to notice how mosquitoes seem to prefer some people’s flesh to others. You may be covered with itchy red mosquito bites, only to have your friends innocently proclaim that they don’t have any; being a mystery why some unlucky souls could be totally covered in itchy red blotches and others are miraculously spared. However, scientists have finally discovered why mosquitoes are attracted to some of us than others:

Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People And Not Others

Mosquitos are lured by a big cloud of carbon dioxide from a great distance (10-50 meters) and bigger/larger people produce more carbon dioxide. This is why adults tend to get bitten more than children, and why men are more likely to attract mosquitoes than females.

Also, mosquitoes are lured by lactic acid, from sweat, which is mostly produced after you have just worked out. That’s why sweaty and hot people tend to be preferred by mosquitoes, apparently.

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